Liner Notes for Spring Mix

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This is Red's latest recording, released March 2008

Red Hawkins - Spring Mix
All music and lyrics written by Red Hawkins, (c) 2008 Red Hawkins.
Guitar, bass, harmonica, percussion and vocals on all tunes performed by Red Hawkins.
Irish Low Whistle on Stone Creek Maiden by Vern Pococke.
Background vocals on Stone Creek Maiden by Christina.

1. In Love For The Very First Time 4:17
Well, that is what new love always feels like. Whether it is or is not ever truly a "first time" is another question altogether, but who wants to spoil the moment with thoughts like that?

2. Life Ain't Never Simple 5:05
Ain't that the truth? Even as we seek happiness we often create new problems.

3. Stone Creek Maiden 3:48
This was written based on images from the mountains of Tennessee, and the legends of fairies from the Irish tradition. Thanks to Vern Pococke of the Mid-Michigan Celtic band known as "Equinox" for the beautiful low whistle on this tune. Thanks also to Red's daughter, Christina, for a haunting background doubling of Red's melody.

4. Lonesome Suzie 3:22
When Red was young he did not think about the future. He could not even imagine what it would be like to look back later in life at a trail of relationships, some of which would be later recalled either as a high point in his life or as a great "learning experience", or both. In Red's case, those few weeks with his heart set on Suzie count as both, in a manner of speaking.

5. Pick And Shovel 4:59
Another song about doing hard labor on the highway while dreaming of a love back home.

6. Images And Embers 2:53
One does not have to look into the past to have regrets. As Red gets older, he realizes that one does not always have to get everything one wants out of life, and that non-attainment of desire does not necessarily occur because attainment is not possible. Instead it is sometimes a choice that is made because attaining one's desires would be way too complicated. Some desires are best left unfulfilled, as their fulfillment might not be worth the trouble. To be truly worthwhile, even if the acute pleasure of attainment would actually be worth the trouble (if considered only in itself), that would have to be even more enjoyable than the chronic mellow glow of a longing heart, which is truly hard to beat, especialy if seen from Red's perspective as a songwriter. But what would Kierkegaard have to say about Red's poetic stance? Hmmm... That is a point to consider whenever making a choice. Hmmm..

7. Right From Wrong 5:28
This is a lament about the shutting down of textile production in the United States of North America. On the bright side, the outsourcing of virtually all manufacturing of anything worth making does have the potential of eliminating that old problem of "alienated labor". If you can't even sell your labor as a commodity, then at least the fruits of your labor can't be stolen from you. Maybe people will have to start producing things for themselves again. Meanwhile, the old image of a "ghost town" is becoming relevant as we think about "ghost states", like Michigan and Ohio. If outsourcing continues unabated, we might eventually find ourselves living in a "ghost country".

8. Tough And Wild 4:14
Red recalled standing at the bend in the road, looking back down at the old farmhouse, and a woman standing on the porch - never to see that sight with his own bright eyes again. We have each lost a child in one way or another, and despite what some cold-hearted pundits might say, many men are grieving that loss. Red certainly knows that he has so grieved.

9. I Could Love You Like That 5:54
Red says he can do it, but he is really asking the question, "what does 'love you like that' actually mean?" As the lyrics go: "If you could only tell me, what it is that you is a wantin'".

10. River Of Time 6:04
This one has a solid walking bass line. It keeps on walking, ripe and ready for a trek straight up that mountain to a spot on the ol' time gospel hour. Hallelujah.

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