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The Red Hawkins Band will be performing at the Saginaw on Stage Music Festival - 2014

The Red Hawkins Band performed regularly at the Magic Bean Cafe in Saginaw, which is now unfortunately not open for business in Saginaw (as of March 2014).

We have performed at Saginaw On Stage (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), at Saginaw's Lawn Chair Film Festival, and at other venues in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Red has also performed for Mike's Stephen's "Open Mike Cafe" at The White Crow

Red has also sat in when called upon to do so at The White Crow Conservatory of Music, in Saginaw. The White Crow is a wonderful, family-oriented venue for acoustic music, located on Mackinaw just north of Davenport in Saginaw, MI. The address for The White Crow: 3736 Mackinaw, Saginaw MI. Phone number: 989-790-2118 (USA). Check their web site ( and get on their e-mail list, for they have booked a steady flow of good acts, and that river of music just keeps on comin'.

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