Lyrics for "In Church on a Sunday"

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In Church on a Sunday
(c) 2005

In church on a Sunday, I was sitting with my friends
Looking at the burdens of my own soul, and hoping to make amends
I sat there a listening - as people testified
Got round to be my turn, said the first thing on my mind - I said
"Let he who has no sin upon his hands cast the first stone"
Truth be told I'm a carryin' - a pocket full of stones all my own

When the next one told her story - brought tears to my eyes
She talked about her darkest days of suffering, 'til she realized - all she
lacked was the love of her sweet Jesus, now she calls the church her home
You know all the people gotta have a home - gotta have a home

The last one to speak that day, was a frail older man
I helped him to the platform, had to lead him by his hand
He spoke soft, so we all listened, and this is what he said - He said
"My last prayer was a selfish one, for my own suffering to end
I know I should be a prayin, for each and every one
Prayin for the whole world's pain - forever be undone"

He said "let's move on past our own sorrows, so joy can lead our way
We know that life keeps a movin' on - some go while other's stay
Just look at every flower of springtime and each sunshiny day
Cause you know, they'll keep on a comin' - comin' 'round but not to stay.
So while we are gathered all together, I say let us sing and pray
You know there are those among us - have showed us a better way"

In church on a Sunday, I was gathered with my friends
Looking back to my own life, and hoping to make amends
Now I'm thinking bout the old man's words, and grateful what he said
Now I'm living on in this old world, I'm grateful what he said


Red Hawkins (c) 2006
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