Red Hawkins

Red's music reflects his love of our great land.
Wide-ranging, from rough hewn blues to cowboy waltz,
a cappella work-gang chantey to hobo's lament,
Appalachian mountain to gospel devotion,
broken-hearted love song to romantic ballad.
Red's songwriting reflects the diversity of music
he has enjoyed hearing over the course of his life.

Red's tunes celebrate both the restless wind and
the deep roots that hold fast the wandering heart.
They celebrate that perpetual tension between the
impulse towards motion and loyalty to a home place.
They celebrate that melding of freedom and responsibility
that is the essence of the American experience.

Red Hawkins is "Ready" for a miracle every day.
His songwriting draws inspiration from experiences
he has either enjoyed, endured, escaped or survived.
Red expresses what kernels of wisdom he has gleaned
from philosophical contemplation or ecstatic practice,
love or duty, work or pain, debauchery or devotion,
or watching the stars through the crisp still night,
as he has crossed the course of one half century.

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